In 2008 Hudson started working with Open Heart Magic, a non-profit that delivers bedside magic to kids in hospitals.  Seeing the joy magic brought to children that had little else to laugh about  set this magician on a course toward becoming the Twin Cities' favorite magician in 2013.

Hudson is a Minnesota-based Magician who has been performing magic since high school and full time since 2013.  With a decade in the military and 20 years in business, he understands companies from the shop floor to the C-Suite.


Hudson performs magic because he loves to see that sparkle in your eye and laughter on your lips.  His entire focus is on Ensuring YOUR Event is a Success!  Hudson will work with you to make certain YOUR event is perfect -- he's there to help YOU succeed!

Ensuring YOUR Event is a Success!  

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YOUR Event 


With more than 20 years in business, working and living on three different continents, Hudson understands what is, and what isn't okay for a corporate show.  No professional magician understands the nuances of the business environment better than Hudson.